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1:1 Coaching for Procurement Professionals

Does this sound familiar? 

The increased remit of Procurement in recent times has provided opportunity to have a greater impact, as well as more plates to spin.

With the spotlight comes increased pressure & scrutiny, more stakeholders to manage and with an increased feeling of burnout

The pressure to become more adaptable, more strategic, less transactional and be a key business partner can take its toll when you're battling to deliver sustainable and resilient supply chains.

And with all the pressure and a regular feeling of burnout, there's uncertainty around whether you want to continue working in Procurement despite deep down having a passion for delivering great Procurement.

Coaching can help you to re-connect with your career values and to take the next steps in your career with clarity

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Procurement Career Coaching

Tailored coaching support to support you in your Procurement career development, reach a short term goal & help you to plan your next steps.

3 months of coaching, enabling you to identify your Procurement career values, have greater clarity in your career decisions.

Make your next Procurement career move with confidence.

3 months of 1:1 Career Coaching

£795 - Book a Call

Leadership Breakthrough Coaching

Focus on your leadership development over 6 months and make a breakthrough for sustained impact & change with my P.R.O.C.U.R.E™ coaching framework.

Unlock your leadership skills, deepen self-awareness & emotional intelligence to have the maximum impact on the organisation.

Lead with impact through today's challenging Procurement landscape.

6 months of 1:1 Leadership Coaching 

From £1,750 - Book a Call