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Does this resonate with you? 

  • You are an ambitious Chief Procurement Officer, Director or Head of Procurement who wants to make a huge impact on your organisation & bring your Procurement vision to life, but the ongoing firefighting, upheaval and challenges in recent years have left your resilience feeling depleted.


  • You want to push forward with your long-term strategy and showcase the capabilities of yourself and your team, but often find yourself stuck in transactional detail to fill the resource gaps in your team, having to do more with less.


  • You want to embrace with confidence the spotlight that has been focused on Procurement in the ongoing supply chain challenges, but often find it difficult to find the time and space to move beyond the firefighting into strategic action.


  • You want to develop strategies to handle the pressure that comes with the increasing number of stakeholders to manage, delivering Procurement transformation and being a key business partner, in a way that can avoid burnout.


The pressure to become more adaptable, more strategic, less transactional, deliver transformation and be a key business partner can take its toll when you're battling to deliver sustainable and resilient supply chains.

Leading with confidence through challenging times, having difficult conversations and building trust in the people you lead all starts with building trust in yourself. 

Coaching can help you do that. 

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Do you want to let go of... 

  • Feeling disillusioned when battling an image of Procurement that you know doesn't truly represent you and your capabilities. 
  • Worrying that you constantly need to justify the value that you and your team add to the organisation.
  • Feeling vulnerable when making complex decisions
  • Being constantly in a reactive rather than responsive mode.
  • Feeling pressure and overwhelm and instead adopt strategies to build your resilience?

My P.R.O.C.U.R.E™ coaching framework, specifically designed to support Procurement leaders, can help you overcome these challenges and enable you lead your Procurement team and influence your stakeholders with confidence. 


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What is the P.R.O.C.U.R.E™ coaching framework?

This is my unique framework that I have developed to support Procurement leaders like you in my coaching sessions, resourcing you to develop your Procurement leadership in a way that brings out your strengths and sets you up for greater impact on your organisation. 

Coaching Package Options

CPO Strategy Development Session

Step away from the firefighting, disruption & noise into this focused strategy session & gain clarity on your Procurement strategy goals & the steps you need to take to get you there with confidence and resilience.

A helicopter view of your Procurement opportunities, challenges & obstacles from a strategic perspective & with a growth mindset.

A solid plan to resource you for Procurement strategy success, execute with clarity, confidence & resilience.

Confidential coaching designed to unlock your strategic thinking.

3 hour session, intro & follow up calls.

£500 - Book a call

P.R.O.C.U.R.E™ Leadership Breakthrough

Using my signature P.R.O.C.U.R.E™ leadership coaching framework, we will work together on your Procurement leadership development to achieve the breakthrough for sustained impact & change that you are striving for.

Unlock your leadership skills, deepen self-awareness & emotional intelligence to have the maximum strategic impact on the organisation.

Lead with impact through today's challenging Procurement landscape & develop strategies to support your wellbeing.

Includes a 360-degree feedback diagnostic report.

6 months of 1:1 Executive Coaching 

From £1,750 - Book a Call

CPO Executive 1:1 Coaching Partnership

Tailored executive coaching support, using my P.R.O.C.U.R.E™ framework to make the maximum impact in your role and strategy as CPO, as you lead the organisation & your team through Procurement transformation

Up to 12 months of bespoke 1:1 coaching support, resourcing your transformation strategy by focusing on professional development & executive presence.

Includes 2 x 360-degree feedback reports to measure your leadership development, executive presence & support sustained change.

6 - 12 months of 1:1 Executive Coaching in a confidential setting.

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